the why

 I grew up in the era where journalists created change through their stories. Reports on  the Vietnam War and  Civil Rights  marches are examples of how journalists brought the injustices of the world into our living rooms and led to change.

The relationship between the community and the media was once one of mutual loyalty and respect.  Growing up in Orange County, the first local reporter and weatherman I watched and still do, was Marla Weech and Danny Treanor. Their storytelling styles and loyalty for their communities are qualities I admired and would mimic as a journalist..  Fast forward 25  years.  Journalists are no longer respected, and communities think the media doesn't care about local issues. We are now called are the enemy of the people. and fake news.

There is a disconnect between communities and the media. It's time to fix that problem.

Social Lee Media was created to arm communities with the knowledge  to effectively work with the media to spread their message.. Sort of like the Tindr for reporters and communities. .

Social Lee Media Inc. is the only organization dedicated to providing public relations and social media services to small businesses, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs. at little to no cost.   

I think everyone, rich or poor should have access to learn how to grow their business through a solid relationship with the media. Exposure is everything. Social Lee Media will provide media consultations, classes, boot camps and even one on one support.

 Social Lee Media will serve as a bridge between the Bay Area communities and the local media. Reporters in need of story ideas can visit this site and connect with vetted out community story ideas. All residents are welcome to summit their concerns and story ideas. 

I look forward to this journey!

Kisha Lee